Thursday, April 16, 2009

did i mention that i love you in your underwear?

Yesterday was a very trying day.

First Maggie had her 6 month check up at 10:30 and Jay was coming off a mid which meant the poor guy had to stay up until almost noon before going to "sleep". I say sleep in quotations because our neighbours are getting their roof re-done...poor Jay.

Then when Nate got up from his nap he decided to be beyond difficult. We were outside and when Mags woke up from her nap so we had to go in and get her - had we been in the backyard I would have left him playing but we were out front so I definitely could not leave him alone.

Temper tantrum of the century - he even started hitting himself (that's new). Ugh - then he started rubbing his eyes furiously and freaking out - I thought he had sand in his eye from the sand box so I tried to get a closer look and he freaked out even more - then I noticed that he actually had a section of eyelashes stuck against his eyeball and underneath his lower lid (yes, his eyelashes are that freakishly long).

So I was trying to help but he was so upset and beyond the point of being able to understand I was trying to help him so I had to sit on him and pin his arms down to fix his eye.

Then bedtime was this whole ordeal which I think is in part because it is still light out at 7:30 - time for a blind.

Hopefully today is better - we have playgroup this am and the furnace/fireplace/hot water heater installers are coming.

On the plus side - Maggie is doing great - 18 pounds 4 ounces and 27.5 inches long!


  1. Hi, Dana! I hope today was better than Wednesday. It's been ages since I checked your blog. (I really do not spend much time on the computer at home) Are your neighbours acting any better? What a shame to have such toxic people nearby. We should do coffee soon. Love you! Lynne :)

  2. Sorry you had a rough day. Hope it was better today. Yeah, Maggie.