Friday, April 17, 2009

wait, they don't love you like I love you

Busy couple days - had work guys in yesterday and today installing the new furnace, hotwater heater and gas fireplace.

The furnace and water heater are of course in a utility room where they belong but I'm quite pleased with the new FP which looks good even though the drywall is a mess and the grotesque tiled covered step is only partially demolished (tiles are all gone but the step is actually structural so we're going to have to reconfigure it a bit).

I'm excited to build our surround. We're just going to build an MDF box around it which will recess the FP a bit and create its own mantle - streamlined and modern and, no more death trap tile covered step. Plus, we should have room for a coffee table now. Actually, that may be wishful thinking since one of Nate's fave activities is running back and forth in this room.

I'll post the before and after pics when we're all done.

Yesterday was another nap-less crabby pants day for both Nate and Mags. I blame the roofers next door who are thankfully finally finished. Jay actually took them for a drive while I took out my aggression with a hammer and the tile covered step (so satisfying - ceramic tile stuck on plywood is surprisingly resilient).

Today was better - Nate actually napped.

Busy day planned for tomorrow - some groceries and errands in the morning and then we're having some friends over for dinner - actually 4 couples - 8 total - that's almost a party. Sarah and Myr are both between 6 and 7 months preggars. I'm wondering if I'll feel the urge to procreate again...Zoloft is a wonderful drug.

Well - we're going to watch an ep of Breaking Bad now - love this show.

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  1. I had no idea Myr was preggers!! Too cool - how fun to be preggo at the same time (they are friends right??)
    I can't wait to see your before and after pics of the Fireplace - it's going to look great I'm sure!

    ps Could really use some time with hammer as well, maybe I'll book a flight for this week!!! xo miss you