Thursday, April 2, 2009

something so wild turned into paper

ok - i've calmed down now.

So despite being on a laxative Nate once again managed to hold his poop in for 4 days. Thank goodness I had the forethought to take extra pants to play group because when he did finally let loose it filled his pants - like down to the ankles.

It was so gross and I didn't have nearly enough wipes so I cleaned him up as best as I could and put him straight into the tub when we got home. And, though I did pack extra pants I forgot socks so he had to go barefoot in his rubbers. Thankfully it wasn't cold out today and we didn't have far to walk. Poor kid.

He is so cute - we were playing and fake falling down (a Nate favourite) and my hair got in my face and he came over and brushed it out of my eyes. I just about cried. Its these moments I have to remember when I'm losing my patience with him.

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  1. Good job Mummy - you are raising a sweet little boy xo