Thursday, April 2, 2009

and i hate everything about you


We have the neighbours from you know where. It started when we moved in last May and my mom accidentially went over the curb a little bit when parking in front of their house (directly across the street from us). They left a nasty note on her car threatening to tow it.

Then, when Maggie was born and my mom was in town helping out Jay was parking in front of their house so my mom could park in the driveway. They called by-law for breaching the 3 hour limit between 7am and 7pm. Though I admit we were disobeying the by-law our entire street is filled with cars that also disobey it. What really miffed me is that the rest of our neighbours were busy bringing us gifts and offering well wishes on the birth of Maggie they were busy calling by-law because we parked in front of their precious house.

This morning Jay parked there again and I was going to move it back in the driveway when I got back from playgroup which would have been well within the 3 hour limit. But when I got back the car had a ticket on it. The reason? parking within 1.5 meters of their driveway.

I am beyond livid.

Obviously they don't like us parking in front of their house and I can totally respect that. I can also respect that we were technically in breach of certain by-laws. What I can't accept is that they don't have the decency to come over and say you know, it really bugs us when you park in front of our house and that they are so miserable. You can't tell me that they didn't have to look up the by-laws for the city of Ottawa to find that parking within 1.5 meters of a driveway was a violation.

I'm plotting ways (legal ways) to get back at them. I'm thinking that we should measure out 1.5 meters and park right behind it for three hours breaking for the required hour then re-parking for another 3 hours.

Two can play at this game. GRRRR

However, we'll probably just try and be the bigger people and just respect the fact that they are total assholes.

I have another poop story (oh and its a good one) but I'll get to it later - gotta go get Nate up from his nap.


  1. grrr how horrible Dane! What jerks...seriously, it's a ROAD!!!!!!!!! Uh, I don't remember how it works back in Canada, but isn't the road city-owned...can't you park anywhere you want?!?!

    I think it's great about being the bigger person...but I'd probably try your "plotting plan" least once, or twice..okay maybe three times! ;)

    Can't wait to visit this summer - let's TP their house ;) Oh right...we are being the bigger people, right?!

    xo Al

  2. Dude! What the heck?! Our street has "laws" about parking too, but no one cares. I mean, there's a high school up the street and the kids without parking permits come park down on our street, and I just chuckle. Good grief. The things people will complain about. Sounds like the rest of your 'hood is really nice! Maybe you can ALL be the "bigger people" and take turns parking in front of their house in 3-hour shifts... LOL... ;)