Wednesday, April 1, 2009

gonna find myself somewhere to level out

ah - nap time. how i love nap time especially when they overlap and i get a few moments of quiet!

got the rest of the grass seed down this morning and now it is raining which is perfect. i know it isn't going to look like a golf course overnight but if we can get the ratio of grass to weeds to even 50:50 from 0:100 i'll be happy.

wednesday is lost night - woo hoo lost.

random share of the day: the constant barrage of e-harmony commercials lately is starting to make jay and i feel like our relationship is somehow inferior because we weren't "matched".

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  1. Hey, finally got around to signing in. Got in last night around 11. Ordered pizza and stayed up unitl 2 (10 pm Maui time). Fortunately I knew we'd be late and booked the day off. Back to reality tomorrow, for me anyway. Al is off until Monday. Did some shopping, need a new wireless router and are finally taking the flat screen TV plunge.