Tuesday, March 31, 2009

and all your friends and sedatives mean well but make it worse

Another busy day. Dr. appointment at 8:30am (when will I learn not to book appointments that require travelling during rush hour?). Then we got half the grass seed down in the back yard (before we ran out) and then Jay went to work.

Maggie was less sucky today though she does seem to be a bit off schedule and Nate is once again doing his best to hold in a poop.

No other plans for this week other than playgroup which turned out to be rather dramatic last week with a bit of an argument between two of the moms, one of whom happens to be the one I don't like the other being the organizer.

It was some sort of administration issue regarding fees and the mom I don't like was most definitely in the wrong and all she has to do is read the registration form to see that. In any event it was rather akward.

Question of the day is another Fast and Furious movie really necessary?

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  1. Dana, I'm a friend of Ally's (the OTHER Cali-Alli, ha!) and scouted your blog through hers... you are hilarious. Loves it. And by the way, NO, another Fast & Furious movie is most definitely NOT necessary. Good grief. Really, people? Really?... :) Hope you don't mind me cyber-stalking you!!! :)