Saturday, April 4, 2009

i used to be a little boy

So we got Nate's big boy bed set up today and he was very excited.
Of course when we put him down to sleep in it he was not so excited. Poor kid seemed pretty confused so we went back and forth from crib to bed to crib to bed and finally settled on crib.

Apparently moving to a big kid bed can be a fairly traumatic event. So I think we'll read stories in the big bed and then transfer to the crib for a while. Kind of traumatic for me too - he's growing up so fast.

So our neighbours must specifically have a problem with us because there has been a car in front of their house all day and it is most definitely not 1.5 meters from their driveway and there doesn't seem to be a ticket on it. We debated taking pictures and stuff (so we could prove they're out to get us) we also debated just going over and asking what the heck we did to peeve them off. But, here we are just sitting here periodically looking out to see if it has a ticket yet and stewing.

We actually had a good day. My M-I-L came over this am to watch the kids while Jay and I went to Toys R Us (to get safety rails for his bed) and Rona for paint samples (yep I want to paint again but this time I have a vision) and to the Christian book store to get some age appropriate Bible stories for the kids.

While at the bookstore we were waiting in line and this dude came in and cut in front of us. He already had a bag in his hand so I just kind of thought he forgot something or had a quick question. Nope, he had a return. Jay and I were so dumbfounded we were speechless. Just goes to prove that faith and/or religion do not necessarily mean good manners.

Update - Nate is back in the big boy bed - we'll see how long this lasts.

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