Sunday, April 5, 2009

saw you looking for a light, face painted cigarette white

ah - a little piece and quiet...

Nate managed the whole night in his big boy bed but reverted back to the crib for nap time today. Its a start. Hopefully it doesn't take too long because I'd like to sell his crib.

I'm on a major purge kick. I think I'm done having kids. Not about to do anything permanent just yet as I'm of the never say never mind set but in the meantime I'm anxious to get rid of some stuff. Mostly to make room and a little cash for the next set of stuff.

Went to church this am and have been doing nothing much ever since. Thats what Sunday's are for.

Only 5 weeks until Jay leaves for Kingston but the good news (so far) is that it looks as though the course has been shortened a bit and he'll be back closer to the beginning of July rather than the end.

Well - Mag's nap was short-lived...

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