Monday, April 27, 2009

if there was a cold war we could keep each other warm

Back in the land of 24 hour service and stop lights after an extended weekend in Deacon sans Jay.

Saturday was beautiful and Nate discovered the garden hose - kept him busy all day. At one point we were all relaxing in the garage having a beer (Maggie was down) and he came in and sat at the table and he was totally trying to act like a grown-up. It was so cute. So, i gave him a diet Coke.

Sunday, it was rainy and cold and boy oh boy was he cranky. He is difficult and spirited at the best of times but when he is tired or out of routine he is downright beligerant (sp?). Its so hard too because he still won't come out and say I'm hungry or I'm thirsty so you always have to try and figure it out. He wore my mom out too.

He's also started biting when he's angry and sometimes he pulls his hair when he has a tantrum. I have to keep in mind that he doesn't always know how to express himself and he gets frustrated. I find it so hard not to lose it though and I end up screaming at him which doesn't do anything except make me feel guilty...

Today was a bit better, at least this morning when he was getting rides in the wheelbarrow. But now he's worn out from the weekend and he's been difficult since we got home. Mags was a bit out of sorts too.

I'm not sure why but he still doesn't really like sleeping at Mom & Dad's and asks us to leave the light on. Last night, he actually came into my room in the middle of the night and got into bed with me. First time that has happened. I let it go. For one thing, I was way too tired to fight with him and secretly I thought it was so cute and him snuggling up to me almost made up for the insanity earlier that evening.

I'm hoping it won't become a habit though. Bedtime and sleeping has always been one area where we've had great success with both him (until the big boy bed at least) and Mags.

When I say I want a third child remind me about this weekend. Ok - that's enough complaining for one day! This too shall pass.

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