Friday, April 24, 2009

and this little piggy was a boogy woogy piggy - he boogy-woogied all the way home

beautiful day - not that i would really know - i'm inside! what can i say - i'm a slave to the kid's naps.

heading up to Deacon in the morning - Jay's working mids all weekend and mom is off.

plumbers came by this am and fortunately the price was well below what we thought it would be - woo hoo. plus i've used them before without issue. so, i bought some clothes this morning along with the groceries - i love the superstore.

question of the day - does fish sauce go bad? its pretty salty and its been in the fridge but its been a year. if i get food poisioning (sp?) you know why.

ok - gotta get the rest of supper prepped (Thai beef salad - thus the fish sauce)

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