Wednesday, April 29, 2009

and during the getaway she would drive the Vespa

I think I finally have everything sorted and ready to go for the yard sale next weekend. Amazing how much stuff one accumulates in such a short time. Before we moved just a little under a year ago we went through this same excercise and I thought we pared down...

To be fair, most of the stuff we're selling is baby and kid stuff.

Hopefully we'll make a bit of money - I have my eye on a couple of Eames Eiffel chair reproductions for the living there is still the fireplace surround to do, paint to buy etc. etc.

Going out for dinner tonight with my mom - one of my last chances for solo me time out and about before Jay goes to K-town.

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  1. Is the yard sale in Deacon or are you having one in Kanata? Hope you had a nice dinner. Trying to figure out when I might possibly be able to get home this summer. It's so busy. But I found out I will be able to staff my vacant positions so that's good. Can't believe it's time for Jay to go already.