Sunday, August 21, 2011

living in a material world

Yesterday after my fantastic hair cut I decided that I needed some new clothing and accessories to go with it (trust me, i need NO excuse to shop).

I headed to Winners (which is the Canadian equivalent of TJ Maxx, I think) and actually walked away with some fab scores. However, what I noticed everywhere was the lace. Lace seems to be very in this season and I have to say it's one fabric that I've never been able to quite get behind.

Despite my love of all things pretty I have to say that lace still just conjures up images of wedding dresses, bad "Grandma" curtains and dust.

That being said I loved Kate Middleton's wedding dress (who didn't?) so I set out in search of lace that I don't hate.

Siena Series Lace Decor Dishes - Photo

(Siena Sieries -


(chairs -


I'm still not convinced I'll use it in my own home but I can be rather lovely.

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