Thursday, July 28, 2011

the kids don't know how to dance to rock n roll

if there is one area i neglect when it comes to decorating it's my kids rooms, especially my son's.

part of the reason is because i often think the amount of money parents spend on their kids is beyond ridiculous especially when half the time they don't care (the under 8 set anyway).  the other half of the equation is that there really just isn't much room in the budget right now.

but, as they start to get older and want to spend time in their rooms they will need more functional spaces. Also, though N's 3 drawer IKEA dresser was more than ample when he was in size 2 clothing, now that he's in size 5 it's getting a little tight!

M's room is easier because, well, she's a girl!  i just find it easier to find pretty things and i'll be honest, it gives me license to use pink, a colour that the husband has more or less banned from the rest of the house. N's room however, has limited lay-out options due to window and closet placement and i'm more of a loss when it comes to decorating for a boy.

One thing I can guarantee - there will be no themes or Disney characters.

(room designed by Samantha Pynn)

(Sarah Richardson -

a little girlish but i like the desk idea.

boy's rooms - royal blue velvet daybed day bed white built-ins cabinets shelves modern pendant chrome floor lamp blue rug green chairs white red green blue roman shades


I have actually been thinking about doing "built ins" using Expedit shelving from IKEA in N's room.

There is also a serious lack of photos online for boys rooms!

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