Thursday, March 10, 2011

please look after my sister, let her know that i miss her tonight, and i miss her more with time

I have had The Rural Alberta Advantage's new album Departing on repeat. I LOVE it. Ryan Adams love it. I downloaded their first one too. the name of it escapes me right now.

So I have a date and time and now i'm bursting. i'm anxious and nervous and excited and i feel like i should be doing something to prepare and Nate is freaking out a bit which makes more more anxious and nervous...

It's a weird feeling.

Went shopping tonight - figured now is as good a time as any for new underwear and i bought a new swimsuit which was kind of humiliating - i need to put more time in on the treadmill. what's really funny, i still feel more comfortable in a two piece as opposed to a tankini. i feel fatter in the tankini - must be wear it cuts me. i still need to find a sporty one piece for more family friendly pool time.

bought a swimsuit for Mags too and some summer stuff for Nate.

ok - time to check out flights.

I am going to be CRANKY tomorrow!

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  1. I read a good review of that album (sorry what does one call it now?). Must check it out.
    I can't imagine how you are feeling. I had a bit of it when A was in Kabul for those few months but not quite the same. Longer and kiddies and all. Thinking of you.
    Swimsuit shopping is the worst. I avoided it recently and ended up in one that was OK for lounging but literally almost fell off in the water. I agree on the tankini. I think it is because we are short-waisted.
    Hope all goes well. Remember he will be a bit tired and all from the flight. A was messed up for a few days.