Sunday, March 6, 2011

da da da da da, da da da da da, da da da da da, da da da well you get it

I LOVE that my kids ask for "Howlin for You" by saying the da da da da da song.

So, I was supposed to head into work today for a few hours of overtime. My M-I-L was coming to watch the kids and then we woke up to snow. She called and said she wouldn't be able to come. I was a little annoyed but at that point, I didn't really want to head downtown either. Plus I had the makings of a brutal migraine not helped that Mags darling was up at 4:30am.

Fine, so we'll head to Sunday School which i was feeling guilty about choosing work over anyway. Wrong! Nate decided that that would be a good time to begin unleashing the weeks worth of BMs and Mags decided it was a good time for a nap.

Oh well, after a rough start to the day we got a call for a play date from one of Nate's school friends. I was very excited since this is the first time its happened and though I have the play date list (of parental contact info etc) I've never had the...?courage? to actually use it.

So after lunch we headed out and had an absolutely wonderful afternoon and since I don't actually have many friends with kids Nate & Mag's age or, that many friends with kids period (who live in O-town at least).

And even though I knew I was pushing my luck, we hit the grocery store after. Ugh, it was so busy and the migraine was back with a vengence at that point but we needed food. We did not need summer clothes for Mags but gosh they were cute and at Joe if you like it you buy it cause next time it's gone.

This am I posted on Facebook that I was annoyed with the foiled work plans and someone said - "it's a sign". Well, I don't know but headache aside we had a pretty great day.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed the play date. And that someone took the step to invite you. Bit of a rough day here. Just a bit of melancholy at getting back to reality I guess. Even though I am happy to see the girls.
    Went to Ikea to take back some extra legs I accidently bought for the vanity. Still makes me mad they suddenly made it in the colour I wanted. I suppose it's possible that I could get just the drawer fronts, but I'm getting tired of the whole thing now. I already have the them together and one modified....