Saturday, March 19, 2011

and once and a while our hearts beat out of time and once and a while i know they'll fall back in line

the kids are sick, gastro sick. it seems that we've either been cleaning up puke or s#!t for 3 days now. poor things. Nate especially seems to be hit hard. i think it's actually the first time he's really ever been sick.

i have strep again...

fun times in the K-M household!

Jay is actually out tonight, was out last night and is going out tomorrow night. tonight was supposed to be our movie night but we couldn't very well have someone sit for the kids in this state and i'm not feeling very good either so no sense in both of us being stuck at home.

tried to clean all the sick out today - laundry, bathrooms, even bleached the Lego and Megablocks. got some groceries done solo which was awesome.

life just goes on.

Psalm 61

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