Sunday, January 30, 2011

to the basement people, to the basement

great weekend but a long weekend. IDS 2011 was pretty fabulous. I mean I stood beside Tommy!!! did I say anything to him? no but I stood beside him! i'm such a fan-girl. i did talk to Sarah Richardson's very beautiful brother Theo. wonder if he's gay? not that it matters, i mean for starters i'm married etc. etc. etc. Sadly, no Sarah. Oh well, i'm sure I wouldn't have been able to talk to her either.

because you know, even if you are a fan-girl you don't want to come across as one.

what i really wanted to say to Tommy was "the heck was up with that horrid loft you guys did on this week's ep of Sarah 101" but i didn't have the balls.

show was huge though, lots of walking, not enough eating. went for a fab dinner after at Oliver and Bonacini's cafe. then to the Irish Embassy for an after-dinner pint before heading back to Brampton.

I got to sleep in for two mornings in a row and have some absolute peace and quiet. it was fabulous.

well, speaking of sleep i am beat and have an early am.

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