Sunday, January 9, 2011

tighten up, on your reigns you're running wild...running wild

wrote my project management exam yesterday. i'm actually a little worried about it. it was way harder than i thought. i did well on all the quizzes and the practice exam but it's like everything was worded differently on the final. I just hope i passed.

so after the exam disaster i did some shopping. nothing beats a bad mood like retail therapy. i bought some new jeans, a skirt, a blouse, two cardigans (neither of which is black!), a scarf, a clutch, some socks and a beautiful navy trench-coat from Esprit. It was $150 but it's classic and quality and, considering i've had my red Old Navy coat for 8 years now I figured i was due.

plus, i've discovered after the bum zipper in my Joe down parka that some items such as coats are worth spending a little extra money on.

of course, when i got home i felt my usual buyer's remorse as i looked at the kitchen and thought gee, i just spent half of my upper cabinet money...sigh. back to super saving.

Colts and Saints are out - could be interesting...Go Jets!

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