Saturday, January 1, 2011

hipsters unite, come alive for the big fight

are the holidays over yet?

sad to say but i am stir crazy as are the kids and i'm lacking in imagination as to what to do with them and the rainy weather is not helping. fortunately tomorrow we have a morning visit from Ally and then Church and hopefully a few groceries in the afternoon. 

and even though it's a stat I think I can take Nate to daycare on Monday. if so, i'll def be taking him cause the poor little guy is bored.

i'm watching Selling New York and what i'm learning, or rather what is being reinforced is that you can have loads of money but it sure doesn't mean you have style. and then of course there are some places that are just beyond stunning...

i'm starting to think that HGTV and magazines are REALLY BAD for my whole be content with contentment attitude.


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  1. You are right about money and taste. Also I've been browsing MLS listings and am amazed at how little effort some people make to "show" their places. Like all their junk and shit all over. I'm not saying you need to hire a stager but could we clean up the clutter at least before we take the pictures.
    I think reading travel articles is bad for my idea of contentment.
    Did you read the article on the subject in the Elle?