Sunday, December 19, 2010

I'll be home for Christmas

good weekend. took the kids out for groceries on Saturday morning. still not my fave activity but we manage. i will admit that part of my (bad) parenting technique involves bribery with treats.

Saturday afternoon we went to the in-laws for our Christmas dinner. Was a little weird without Jay there but it was ok. Always nice to have dinner made for you.

Today we went to Church and then mostly stayed inside this aft - was thinking about taking the kids sliding but then Mags went down for a nap. they were happy to watch tv and chase each other around which was good since i managed to bake another batch of cookies.

And now I'm watching National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. My yearly tradition. Elf is on tomorrow night. Apparently I'm a Christmas nut. Mostly I'm just a sentimental nut.


best part of the day by far is that during the Christmas play at Church one of the kids stood up front and center with his finger up his nose digging away. classic!

oh, and we heard from Jay.

looking forward to a visit with Cali-Ally on Tuesday and really looking forward to a break from work and hanging with the fam. 5 sleeps to go.

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