Friday, October 1, 2010

but that's me, that's me, the boy with the broken halo

seriously, if you are not listening to The Black Keys, start. the new album Brothers is killer. Can't remember the last time i got so excited about a band.

well, no notes today ;)

work was kind of crazy this week. there was a lot going on last minute (isn't that always how it is?).

already thinking about bed - wanted to watch Mad Men but sadly, on Demand isn't working. it really needs a different name like "on sometimes" or "not on demand when you actually want it". Grrr.

Nate was so tired tonight. He was lying down in the family room watching Mighty Machines and Maggie wanted to play in the basement. He declined so I took her down for about 15 minutes before her bath. When we came back up he was fast asleep! I had to carry him to bed.

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