Thursday, September 30, 2010

i will come when you call but i'm about as quick as molasses

i'm starting a new segment.

it's called "notes from the teacher"

Just to advise you that Nate had a time-out today because he threw sand at a friend...Would you please remind Nate about the importance of following rules for safe play.

What I wanted to write back:

Thank you for providing me with this "teachable moment" because he's such an angel and doesn't create ANY at home. I also appreciate that you think that I'm a retard and don't already enforce rules for "safe play".

What I did write back:

Thank you for letting me know. I spoke to Nate and he said he threw sand because a friend threw it at him first. I let him know that even if that was true it is not ok to throw sand and if someone does it to him he should tell them he doesn't like it and if they continue to let the teacher know.

Oh, and there was an idiot driver this am and i was running late and lost my cool and dropped the f-bomb while the kids were in the car. Nate promptly said Mommy why did you say "f*&@" I lied and said I didn't, I said dork...

Maybe I am a terrible mother.

1 comment:

  1. Wow, is that how they do things now? I can't imagine one of my early teachers doing such a thing. Like isn't it her job to tell Nate it's not appropriate to throw sand. Are they all like this? Does she write notes about every incident of misbehaviour in the class? And what if Nate's mom was an illiterate drug addict? In the sense that how is it helpful to send such a note when potentially the recipient is either unable or unwilling to actually do what is requested. Sheesh. While I'm sure it's not good to make a habit of it, one f-bomb will not likely ruin your kids. You are a a great mom.