Friday, September 10, 2010

which way did our last chance go and can we get there if we go right now

well, one week down. is that it? has it been that long already?

we seem to be settling quite well.

got a busy weekend planned, meeting Susan for brunch and fabric shopping then Chantal is coming over in the evening, church on Sunday.

I actually managed to vacuum the basement and most of the main floor tonight. Maybe I don't need a cleaner...

on a completely different topic...why can't men be men anymore? why do they all have to look like androgynous maybe gaybe's? either that or they seem to be suffering from "girl butt" (men should never ever have a pear shape or bubble butt). I don't know why I'm even noticing but it just seems to be so pervasive. And I can't stand those half visor/half aviator style sunglasses. do guys not realize they look like giant douche's?

I'm so glad Jay is a guy, like a guy guy.

Also, if a strange guy just randomly talking to you when you are walking across the park n ride parking lot is he hitting on you? it happened yesterday. he was wearing his Air Force blues. nobody hits on me anymore...must be getting old - lol!


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  2. I have to say, the boys in HK have better hair than the majority of Canadian guys I've seen so far, and I'm not digging their threads.
    The girl bum - looks way worse in a pair of skinny jeans - I wish guys would just stop that.
    I'm all for things that are kinda ugly - I get it - but the skinny jeans on not skinny boys is just GROSS!