Saturday, September 11, 2010

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9. Politics and business aside, Hamilton is a state of mind.

Fascinating watching the folks in the Hammer argue over the site of a future new home for the Tiger-Cats and Pan American Games track and field (oops, make that soccer).

They sound just like a bickering couple.

City: We're building the stadium in the port area.

Cats: Then we're not going to be involved. We want our site on the highway, and if not, up on Hamilton Mountain*.

City: Too bad. We're going to build it in the port area anyway.

Cats: Fine, then we're leaving and going home to mother in Oshawa. See you.

City: Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

One week passes.

Cats: So, we're back. How about this new site over here?

City: Ummm. Sure. Why not?

Cats: Sorry about that. We weren't really leaving.

City: We know. We were being pig-headed too. Come and get a big hug. (Audience goes "Awwww" and applauds).

*Note for those in B.C.: Hamilton Mountain refers to a small southern Ontario ridge that in your province would be known as a "hill."

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  1. I love the helpful definition of "mountain" for those of us out here. Be great if it all works out. Al saw Jess at the game. Small world.