Sunday, April 11, 2010

why does it always rain on me?

i have had a sore (i mean popping pills every two hours sore) throat since the Thursday before the Easter long weekend.

I finally went to the doctor on Friday and he thinks that I may have Mono. Like, seriously? how the heck did i get mono? anyway, not confirmed yet (blood test results are pending) but the symptoms, including a large tender spleen fit.

i went to work for the morning last Tuesday and spent the rest of the week at home. hoping to make it into work tomorrow but i'll play it by ear.

went to Deacon for the weekend. thankfully Maggie actually slept through the night and i went to bed at around 8 and had a good night sleep so i actually felt somewhat human today.

i also got Nate registered for Kindergarten after my doctor appointment on Friday because he got into the on-site school day care too which is fantastic. Don't have to worry about busing etc. and its $140 per month cheaper than the other place we were going to place him. oh my goodness, my little baby is starting school in the fall. where did the last 4 years go?

and finally,

"these doors are harder to find than a hooker in a church" says Tommy Smythe on Sarah's House.

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  1. Hope you don't have mono. Yeah, were would you get it? Weird. Glad you had a nice weekend in the Valley. Nate going to school - that's crazy. Good that you got him in the day care there. I'm sure that will be much easier.
    I have a couple of leads on new jobs. Well sort of - they are assignments not permanent so I my current place would have to agree to let me go. Anyway, we'll see over the next few weeks what happens. Starting to really count the days until our vacation.