Saturday, April 3, 2010

i'm walking on sunshine

the weather has been beyond spectacular the past few days - highs of 27, tons of sunshine. spent much of the past 3 days outside.

also got the house cleaned on Thursday, not that you can really tell now! but i got in all those neglected areas like baseboards, vents and on top of the kitchen cupboards (ew!)

early morning tomorrow - gotta take Jay to the airport for an 8:30 am flight.

we did Easter with the kids this am because they don't know the difference and i wanted Jay to be here. Mags shoved as many jellybeans in her mouth as she could (check the pics on facebook) and Nate had chocolate for breakfast. oh, like mommy like son!

well, not sure how much i'll be blogging over the next few weeks. i'll be without a laptop and for some reason its a lot of effort to go into the basement to type. not that i've been blogging much lately anyway.

Happy Easter everyone!

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