Saturday, December 19, 2009

the stars are brightly shining

apparently i haven't had time to post this week though i don't recall being exceptionally busy. just nothing exciting to say i guess.

well, i still don't have anything particularly exciting to say. Arlene's camera was stolen (we presume) so there are no more pics of last weekend's festivities. such a shame as many people rely on her to record the moment including us. so, the pre-party pics in the hotel are all we have.

you know what, maybe that's not such a bad thing ;)

tonight is Jay's Christmas party. won't be quite as glitzy as i think we can wear jeans and one of us has to drive so it won't be quite as wild as last week.

got the rest of the Christmas shopping done yesterday. was sad that Chapters was sold out of The Grinch. had to settle for Green Eggs and Ham. (Nate also gets Cat in the Hat with his new Tag reading system).

we're heading to Deacon Wed morning though i'm debating possibly Tues night but i would really have to get in gear and i'm not sure how possible that is. which reminds me i still have to find a cat sitter.

well, time to go get my coffee and possibly get the cookies in the oven.

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