Friday, November 27, 2009

oh the weather outside is frightful

well no not really, its just raining but that does pose a problem for my plan of getting the rest of the Christmas lights up outside.

but i got all of the groceries done this am including a few supplies for our Christmas Party next weekend. and, the basement is mostly back into order aside from some odds and ends. Jay vacuumed the whole house for me yesterday which was nice.

so now i'm eating a bagel and watching Band of Brothers which is not exactly helping me get in the Christmas spirit!

oh well! time to bring the tree up.


  1. We are doing our tree tomorrow - can't wait :) Happy Tree-decorating...and hot chocolate-sipping! In my books, both are a must-have together! xoxo

  2. Well we have finally had a break from the unrelenting rain. Alas it will return tomorrow. There is nothing sweet about the Pineapple Express. Too warm for a coat but too wet not to wear one.
    I think next weekend will be Christmas decorating weekend for us. And after that only one more weekend here.
    Yet another crazy work week for media issues. It's just one thing after another. I need a break to catch up on life.
    Happy news about Leyna and the baby.