Friday, November 20, 2009

i know you feel it too, it all seems so untrue

i'm loving Tegan and Sara lately. not usually one for female bands/singers but they're so catchy.

busy work week.

trying to figure out what to do. when i went back to work i did not want to be there. i was convinced that i was going to put in my year and thats it. have another baby. stay home. things aren't so clear anymore. pretty darn fuzzy in fact.

i may have opportunity at work to move forward in my career a bit (mostly in title). i'm conflicted about it. on the one hand i think i should go for it but on the other hand it makes me feel like a failure for not following through with my plan of not working.

in any event - i have to put a business proposal together first so i guess i'll do that and see what happens.

i know God has a plan and a path for me.

we'll see where this leads.

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