Friday, October 2, 2009

til the street filled like a basin up with cameras and their crews

day 4 of the sinus headache that refuses to go away. bought actual sinus medication. took night time pills last night and slept right through Mag's nightly bottle request (aka screaming). fortunately, Jay gave her her fix. note to self - do not take two tonight.

work is busy, and frustrating because i have multiple stalled projects...

to make matters worse, it feels as though my kids now prefer daycare over home. it makes me die a little on the inside every day i drop them off. they barely register when i pick them up at night :( yep, i just used a frowny face.

alas, all is not glum. TMI ALERT - i am having my IUD removed on October 21st. normally it takes about 3 months to get back on cycle again etc. but, if everything goes according to "Plan" we'll be preggers in December/January. of course, i am also trying to prepare myself if that doesn't happen because like it or not, i am not the one who is ultimately in control ;)

Jay started taking drum lessons today. long overdue. not the drum lessons themselves but that he is doing something just for him. i realize that his wants and needs are often overshadowed by my own and the kids. only two more days and he's a Corporal (if thats how you spell it) though who knows how long it will take until he gets his "official" recognition aka, a big fat raise.

i was going to walk down to Wallacks to pick up a Portfolio but then i have to haul it home on the bus. perhaps i'll just take a drive into Bells Corners tonight to get one...


  1. Daycare is probably fun cause there's other kids, not because they don't love you, you know. Right? Well I had the week from hell at work. One today where I am on tape saying things that I'd rather weren't on tape. The reporter said he wouldn't use it as we were having a conversation he shouldn't have been taping but my bad for not making sure that wasn't the case. Oh well, it's all pensionable time.
    TMI request - this is not the forum but I wanted to ask how you liked the IUD. I hope it works out for you.
    Great news about Jay's promotion. Well deserved. Cool about the lessons too.
    Well off to the football game. Hope we don't stink too much.

  2. Forgot - good news about Alonso going to Ferrari. I think he will rock.