Wednesday, September 30, 2009

she said i really don't hate you but i just want to save you while there's still something left to save

first week of full time work.

so far so good but i am wondering when the heck i'm going to do groceries...

Mags has started standing on her own without assistance and she'll even walk a bit now if you hold her hands. won't be long...

my trip to TO this weekend has been cancelled because Colleen is in the hospital on bedrest because her water broke and she is only 35 weeks. this isn't crazy bad or anything but the longer the little guy can stay inside the better.

i was looking forward to it but at the same time, i wasn't looking forward to driving all by myself so much.

got my mark for my first board back last night - 18 out of 20. at first i was a bit disappointed but the comment was Excellent Work and, the way she talked made it seem like others didn't do quite as well.

tonight is Glee night. i love Glee. best new show. totally thought it would be hokey with the singing but it is actually quite dark. it is also Bones night and i still have to get caught up on Mad Men and i may actually give Couger Town a try. Rogers on Demand rocks! they have all the new shows and i no longer have to decide which shows to watch on Thursday night.

believe it or not, i'm actually watching way less tv than i used to. i'm lucky if it gets turned on before 8:00 now.

ok - going to try and call Colleen now.

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  1. Hey, that's a great mark. Can't always be perfect. Haven't tried Glee. We did watch Cougar Town and it was ok. Except for the voice not matching the video. With all the HD and frickin' technology we have why can't they get that right. Anyway, we'll give it a bit of a try. Could not watch Modern Family. Critics liked it but we just found the humour painful. Community (with the Soup guy) was also OK and merits another try. Missed the first Flash Forward but have it TiVo'd now so we'll see. Good news about the Rogers on demand. My best to Colleen.