Thursday, October 8, 2009

life at best is very brief

today, the first email at work that i read was from one of our IP articling students. it was a thank-you for all of the well wishes he has received in light of the sudden passing of his one week old daughter.

in it was an invitation for us to attend the funeral with the following wording, i'm paraphrasing slightly because i don't have it in front of me:

"though the occasion is sad, the service will be a celebration of the joy she brought to us in her short time here"

my heart broke but at the same time i was so struck by how thankful he seemed for the short time he had with her.

it has also made me realize just how important it is for me to spend as much time with my children as possible. how important it is for me/us to work towards our goal of me staying at home.

it has made me realize how blessed i am to have two beautiful healthy children.

it has made me realize that life at best is very brief.

Sean and Karrolyn i will pray in earnest for you.

Van HELDEN, Hope Thérèse
Hope Thérèse Van Helden, beloved daughter of Karrolyn and Sean Van Helden, was born and called to the Lord on October 1, 2009. She is the answer to our prayers, and we waited for her with joyful expectation. During her brief visit, she enjoyed being read to, listening to music, and kicking vigorously. The Funeral Mass will be celebrated at Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church, 194 Fourth Avenue, Ottawa, on Saturday, October 10th at 11 am, followed by a reception, with Committal at Beechwood Cemetery.

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  1. Wow. That's sad but wonderful that they can be so thankful. It really makes you realize how lucky we are. Al had a work friend/colleague who died unexpectedly yesterday. You never know what life brings. Happy Thanksgiving! Give my love to all.