Monday, October 12, 2009

can't think of a song with "thankful" in it

back from Deacon. i wish i could say i had a great weekend but i didn't.

Jay was in a bad mood, i was in a bad mood, it was VERY busy with Mag's b-day, Leyna's shower and of course Thanksgiving dinner.

to add insult to injury not 1 minute into our annual walk one of the dogs (Matt & Carly's) knocked Nate over and of course his face had to smash onto a rock so he has a gash in the middle of his forehead, a giant fat lip and some minor abrasions on his upper lip and nose.

fortunately, this did not require a trip to the hospital though i do think he's going to end up with a scar.

it is always nice to see family, i actually really enjoy my extended family but it was just too much for me to handle.

despite all of this. i can count my blessings. i am very very thankful and i know this little storm cloud will pass.

hope everyone else had a great weekend, hopefully a little less drama filled!


  1. Poor Nate! It does sound like a busy weekend. A couple of people have said oh you should come for Thanksgiving that's when everyone is here. And I must confess that I think I prefer coming at Christmas when I get to see everyone in smaller groups. When it gets to big it's just chaotic to me and I don't really get a chance to visit with anyone. Must be even worse with the kids.
    We went to our semi annual Vancouver Club extravaganza on Saturday. It was fun but some of the line ups for food were crazy. Then last night I made turkey dinner. Having turkey soup tonight. Even though we get the smallest turkey possible there's lots of leftovers. Didn't do the Turkey Trot this year. But next weekend we're doing the Rubber Ducky 7-miler for Al's charity.

  2. And Happy Birthday Maggie! What's the actual date? I have Nate's written down but not hers.