Sunday, October 18, 2009

i'm the wolves at the door, that you're not supposed to let in

what a great day so far.

beautiful sunshine, not a cloud in the sky, a hint of a breeze and a temp that is towing the line between crisp and warm. got a healthy dose of vitamin d while hanging with the kids in the back yard this morning.

last night i got my last board done for class on Tuesday. just have to study for my "exam" now. i use the term loosely because its only worth 10% and is multiple choice/true and false.

i also made home made butternut squash/cream of cauliflower soup last night. from scratch. it was really good.

i also made broccoli coleslaw with, well, broccoli of course! red onion, and raisins mixed with a little mayo. so simple but so good and here's the kicker - Nate could not get enough of it. who knew.

him not being allergic to eggs has opened up a world of goodness i forgot i was missing - like this morning's french toast and the aforementioned coleslaw.

going to try a Rachel Ray recipe tonight - i actually bought her magazine - its actually got lots of good sounding simple stuff in it. who knew, because i can't stand her tv show.

ok, Nate calls...

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