Saturday, September 26, 2009

always looking down on all i see

took Jess to the airport this morning. sad. but, at the same time, its gotten easier. this is how it is.

great couple days. yesterday we celebrated Nate's 3rd birthday. he had a blast. (pics are on Facebook).

we decided to keep it very simple this year. just the Grandparents and of course, Aunt Jessi. and we went together and got him one big gift (the drum set). he got a couple books too and some dollar store distractions from Aunt Jess (they worked well, those and the balloons).

it was good evening and the meltdowns were minimal. the only surprise is that James brought his brother Ron without telling us. I didn't mind per se but some notice would have been nice as we just had enough pizza.

last night after everyone left and Mom went to bed Jess, Jay and i played Risk.

i have a few busy weeks ahead, actually i suspect it will be rather busy right up until Christmas. i start work full time this week then its off to Toronto for Colleen's shower and a quick visit with Chantal. the following weekend is of course Canadian Thanksgiving and Mag's 1st b-day. then my one class ends and the next one begins, then there's Halloween then Lyle Lovett (with Mom) on the 14th of November and well, you get the picture!

oh, Nate had some egg (a small bite of bagel) - so far so good. we'll try some more over the next little while and see how it goes.

it would be so nice to have eggs in the house.

ok - i'm going to go and be sad for a little while. think we're going to head into Gatineau Park for a drive this aft.


  1. sorry to hear you are sad - sounds like you had a great visit...and wow, it will be Christmas before you know it, you have tons planned!

    Yey for bagel and bringing omelets into the house!

  2. Sounds like a fun birthday party. I'll go check out the pics. Sorry you're sad. These days, we're pretty lucky as a family that most of you are live pretty close to each other. I know lots of people who have family all over the world.
    I'm roasting a prime rib, mmmmmm. Trying to finish painting the bedroom this weekend. Good luck with the egg thing. It's still sunny here, weird, but crazy windy. Speaking of Christmas I'll probably be home from Dec 19-26 or so.