Thursday, June 25, 2009

your house is late but it turned out great

technically today's title is from an HGTV jingle and not a song but its the last thing i heard.

today was the last playgroup of the year and due to some mix up at the community center we had to hold it in one of the school's portables without running water which is not great when it also happened to be a potluck day.

also, Nate was so freaked out by the change in venue that he wouldn't go in the room he stood in the hall for a good 20 minutes before the sounds of music (we had a kids entertainer for the party) finally coaxed him in and even then he stuck to me like glue. it was truly bizarre. my heart broke because i know that Jay being gone is getting very hard on him and any change in routine seems to send him over the edge.

i also found a lump in his neck which i am trying not to freak out about or look up on the internet. i myself had swollen lymph glands constantly as a child because of allergies though to be honest it doesn't seem like it is in a lymph node-y spot. i have made a Dr. appointment for him to get it checked out of course but that is not until the 6th though since i have an appointment on the 30th and have to take the kids maybe i can get her to take a cursory look.

so, after i got back from playgroup i was all set to quit my job, sell the house and have us move into self help housing on base (really really crappy townhouses) so i could stay home with the kids but then they drove me nuts so i started calling the potential caregiver's references. all of which have been beyond glowing. so, i think i've found my lady.

honestly some days i don't know whether i'm coming or going. i'm really sucking at the living for today endeavour!

once the kids get up from their naps i think we're going to go and get some berries at the berry farm. nothing beats in season local strawberries. i intend to have them for breakfast lunch and dinner over the next two weeks. maybe with whip cream so i put on some weight.

seriously, my size 2 shorts (from Joe so probably really size 4) are now falling off of me. i know it sounds good in theory but i'm starting to think that maybe i'm getting too thin though i know once i'm back at work and sitting all day it will start to come back. wow, i just weighed myself and i'm 112lbs.

ok - gotta go upstairs to warm up again.

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  1. Must have been that kind of day. I was ready to quit my job, move to the south of France and take up smoking so that I would die younger and not need as much money to retire. Hip turned out to be a bit of a bust, see blog.
    Hang in there. And add lots of whip cream! I had my first local berries this week. SO much better than those other red things they call strawberries.