Wednesday, June 24, 2009

she paints her eyes as black as night now

AC in 3 stories doesn't work that well. the basement is so cold you need a parka, the middle floor is comfortable but upstairs remains hot albeit still cooler than outside. oh well, just thankful our ancient unit which i'm pretty sure must be close to 20 yrs old is still chugging along because it is HOT.

got a bit done today, cleaned out the van while Nate "drove" and washed the sap off the windows. i love the shade our big maple provides but man oh man is it a messy tree. i don't think i'll be that sad if the foundation people say we need to take it down.

after his nap Nate spent the afternoon hunting for earwigs and ants in the backyard. how gross. and he picks them up! the ants aren't that bad but when he first came running up to me saying earwigs, earwigs while pinching them between his thumb and fingers i had a hard time holding in my disgust.

it then struck me that the fear and ick factor regarding bugs must be mostly a learned thing so i will try very hard not to get visibly icked when he picks up various creepy crawly things. i did however, tell him that it was not very nice to pull the ants apart. this seems to be a boy thing.

well, i think i might try sleeping again and i'm frozen and need to go back upstairs to warm up.

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