Friday, June 12, 2009

I am woman hear me roar

and roar indeed...

Mags has slept in 3 - 4 hour stretches the last couple of nights. sounds worse than it is. better than every 45 min to an hour.

and so, i had a surprising amount of energy and when she went down for her morning nap i threw Nate in the back yard and demo'ed/dismantled our rotting 6X8 garden shed. so fun! i love demo! the worst thing about it was all of the bugs. mostly ants but quite a few spiders and other assorted creepy crawlys. eww - give me mice or snakes anyday.

took me about 2 hours. the floor was so rotted i actually put my foot through it a couple of times. now we can get to properly grading around the house.

i also pretty much finished the demo around the fireplace so we can get it patched up. starting to be a hazzard now that Mags is pretty mobile.

we've discovered our deck is rotting too - dare i say i may try to tackle that as well - though not today. i will need Jay's help.

maybe i should get into construction instead of interior decorating? or both and start and all female business. ok, getting a bit ahead of myself. i don't think i'm that ambitious.

Jay is home tonight and we've got a very busy weekend. a baby shower for our friend Myr tomorrow and Lynne's wedding celebration on Sunday plus all the usual weekend type errands in between.

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