Monday, June 15, 2009

crash into me

and crash indeed

sometimes i think i probably take on too much. for instance, maybe demo-ing a garden shed, the rest of the fireplace surround plus landscaping, plus a bbq in the hot sun plus no sleep in combination with not eating properly is not really a good idea.

i was so wasted on Saturday evening that i felt physically ill. Sunday wasn't much better and i ended up missing Lynne's wedding celebration.

today i felt a little better and i even had a nap while Mags and Nate were both down albeit only for about half an hour.

but then feeling totally re-energized what do i do? go to Walmart and haul 20 25lb bags of topsoil into and out of the van. oh and dinner was McDonalds the only healthy eater here is Mags who had a bannana for dinner. Nate and I did have frozen berry smoothies for lunch (plus some whole wheat kd and weiners) and whole wheat toast for breakfast so I guess its not all bad.

now i'm overstimulated! or maybe its the caffeine from the coke...

tomorrow is grocery day and maybe after that i'll take it easy.

1 comment:

  1. Take it easy, there. Don't overdo it. Been trying to blog for a week. So busy. Had an interesting encounter with an old friend. Will share on blog or email soon.