Thursday, June 18, 2009

exit light, enter night, take my hand, off to never never land

yesterday as i lay semi-comatose on the couch watching General Hospital while Maggie crawled back and forth on the floor beside me (i know, mother of the year! and yes, she finally figured out what to do with that leg) i had to laugh because as ridiculous as soap operas are in the first place the most hilarious part is the insta-aging of kids.

you know, the writers need some fresh storylines so kids magically insta-age about 10 years in a matter of days while their parents and everyone else seem to remain ageless. to be fair there is usually a period where we don't see them for a little while i.e. off to boarding school or in a coma before their transformation so we forget that they're supposed to be 6 and not 16.

today is playgroup day - second last before it breaks for summer. its been kinda fun. not sure if any lasting friendships have developed but i can see meeting up with a few moms at the park over the summer.

well, i should go get Nate some breakfast and try to cover up the black circles now seemingly permanently etched under my eyes. 3 times again last night - this seems to be the new routine.

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  1. you are totally making reference to Michael and Christina and aren't you?! I feel the same way!!! heh heh what exactly IS the secret to hiding the black circles?!