Sunday, June 21, 2009

daylight comes and exposes

i need to learn to leave things alone...

the stairs on our deck sort of separated from the rest of the structure. we new that they were rotting a bit but figured we could get through the summer. well, i decided i would investigate further and before i knew it i had half the railing ripped off and some of the decking.

so yeah, we need a new deck. it never ends...

we bought the decking yesterday because Home Depot had a sale. today at Canadian Tire i bought a circular saw, a reciprocating saw, a level, a new tape measure a bolt cutter and a heavy duty pry-bar.

tomorrow i will be calling the city to figure out if we need a permit if we are just replacing the exisiting structure to the same specifications. also need to buy the rest of the lumber but that can wait. i have told Jay that i will leave it alone until we can really work at it.

also went to Deacon for the day yesterday because Colleen and Anthony were up. remind me never to do that again. the kids were so crabby from being off-schedule and not napping that dinner was a nightmare. though, i am really glad i got to see Colleen. we don't visit enough.

ok - well Jay has gone again - only 3 more weeks.

time to figure out supper.

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  1. I cannot wait to see your new place...I hope you have pics from when you first bought it....because at the rate you are going, it must look like a completely new place!
    When do you go back to work? are you off the whole time I'm in town?? Hope so. Will send you an email with dates,etc :)