Tuesday, June 30, 2009

evergreen, make me feel whole again

busy couple of days plotting, scheming (sp?) and painting - pretty much the ususal.

Home Depot had a paint sale so we thought what better time than to get started. we're redoing the family room (cloud white) the kitchen (cloud white and hibiscus, which is a vibrant yellow/green) and the front hall/entry (cloud white again).

we're also going to repaint our garage door and pillars - just a creamy beige colour called manuscript and then our front door will be painted a very deep smoky black navy colour called black sable.

and, because Jay made a mistake our basement will also be the manuscript colour but its nice and neutral which is good especially in case we have to sell next year and move to Winchester so i can stay home.

i started on the front hall last night.

also picked a contractor to finish off our fireplace surround so i'll be going to Home Depot again soon to pick out tiles. gosh, i hope our energy audit rebate comes sooner than later because the VISA is certainly getting a work out.

today i have to go to the doctor and i may pop into work for a visit.

oh and Pen - go for it, life is too short.

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