Saturday, May 30, 2009

wait one cotton pickin moment

another bad night - ended up brining Mags into bed with us a couple of times which worked for her but not really us. plus co-sleeping is something i am personally dead against and i don't want to start now.

she actually napped this morning after i put Nate's cd player in her room. she is down again now using the same method but i bought her her own this aft. fingers crossed for tonight. an internet search has revealed that this anti-sleep stage is fairly common around 7 - 9 months and i think for her it is a combination of teething, hitting a milestone (close to crawling) and separation anxiety. I think we went through this briefly with Nate too.

in other news - i no longer have hair, well i do but not nearly as much. i got pixied today at - wait for it - First Choice Haircutters. I must say my lovely stylist Heather did a fine job. i love it - not sorry at all. I do need to go buy some product though - mousse just isn't quite doing it for me.

well, time for a cup of tea.

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  1. Can't wait to see your hair. Maybe it will inspire me to do likewise. Hey, can I stay at your house on Thursday night?