Wednesday, November 16, 2011

life in plastic

as much as i judge the mom's who try to live vicariously through their daughters (Dina Lohan anyone?) i must admit that i've had a bit of a thrill picking out my 3 year old daughter's Christmas gifts namely a doll house (I never had a doll house!), and a hot pink Barbie car which I also seem to recall coveting.

i also got picked up her first Barbie. I struggled with whether or not to get Teresa on account of my daughter being a brunette but i figure at some point we need to realize that we're all different and i guess that's ok (I am still bothered by the ratio of blonde to non blonde dolls in general, babies, Barbies etc. but...that's a whole other topic)

my inspiration for the below is of course, if Barbie was real where would she live?

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  1. Love. Very Barbie. The third one is a bit of an inspiration for my new bedroom, but I'll be going for something a little less over the top girlie and more modern. But the colour scheme and luxe fell is right on. Like the kitchens too.