Thursday, December 30, 2010

so everybody put their best suit or dress on, let's make believe that we are happy for just this once

no time to blog - semi frantically trying to finish my last assignment before the weekend and next weekend's exam.


Next Saturday i think i'll throw myself a little party. i'm looking forward to reading for fun again (got 2.5 books lined up!) watching tv without guilt and getting back on the treadmill.

well, the tree is down and i've started going through cupboards and closets organizing, and purging etc.

i've got no new years plans - will prob be in bed at 10:00. if I can get my assignment done I may treat myself to a movie. I see that Salt is on demand.

why am i so exhausted?

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  1. Good luck with the assignment and exam. Sounds like you've accomplished a lot already. No wonder you're exhausted. :)
    I am waiting till the weekend to take decorations down. Work has been beyond dead. I think there are like four of us on the whole floor.
    Suffering post-Christmas let down in a big way. It was something I had to look forward to. Now I just see months and months of nothing. I'd better start a course or something. Discovered that when you try to book a vacation as a single they charge you like $500 extra! I'm sure other people knew that bur seriously WTF! I think I will see if a travel agent can find something where they don't punish me for being alone.
    I love the coconut-lime-verbena bath stuff. Smell reminds me of Hawaii.
    At least it is sunny here.