Friday, October 22, 2010

with bouncing pickles down a melty street

i started off my day the same as usual. then right before I left the house my stomach got all weird. I managed to drop off the kids but then I had to come home. Then I sort of started out again and again, had to come home. so then I gave up and called in sick.

by noon i was mostly fine but tired from not eating.

went to ikea to get a toy storage unit for the basement. finally found some curtains I like for the family room. i got some for the living room at Rona too but they aren't right so I'm taking them back.

I also got some dark charcoal grey paint for our dining room table. I hate it's current orangey pine colour and it's too damaged to bother staining i.e. lots of wood filler in the cracks etc. I am also planning on getting the orange chairs recovered in some sort of grey fabric. I think a boiled wool nubby tweedy something would be good. perhaps I should take textiles next so I know the correct term.

I was able to use the term "ballister turned legs" today when describing my table to the consultant at Benjamin Moore - I was rather pleased

Finally, I would like to move the current sideboard in the dining room to the basement for the tv and get something that is more in proportion and, hopefully also teak.

I'm kind of exhausted and thinking about bed even though it's only 8:00. perhaps a nice nap on the couch while watching the game.

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