Thursday, September 2, 2010

can't think of a title

well it has been a stressful few days but life continues.

today I took Nate to his new daycare which is essentially his school so it was really like his first day of school even though his JK "classes" don't start until the 15th.

I barely got him in the door and he took off, didn't even say goodbye LOL.

when I got there to pick him up he was painting a picture at one of the easels.

he's such a big boy! I was a little worried about him being not quite 4 yet but it turns out there's about 5 other kids with Sept b-day's too.

So, I spent the day with Maggie. Didn't do much, went to the post office to pick up my new passport. did some organizing because though I attempt to corral everything in baskets they inevitably just end up as junk catch-alls. so, i purged some junk!

heard from Jay today :)

well, I have to go and finish packing Nate's school lunch! I realize that this is going to get old fast but for now I'll enjoy the moment.

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