Sunday, August 1, 2010

if the business men drink my blood

another week done and gone.

yesterday mom came down and we spent the afternoon shopping hitting up tile stores, fabric stores, second hand furniture stores, lighting stores and finally Homesense.

We could have spent hours in each place, especially the fabric store.

At Homesense I finally bought a new duvet cover set and some new sheets (I decided that after 7 years we needed some!) and a new lamp shade because, at the second hand store I bought a lamp.

Then we had to go get our portrait done at the Superstore. It did not go well. Mags had a meltdown. I have no idea why but I guess she was frightened. It was only $40 so I don't really care that they aren't the best pics ever at least we have a decent family pic before Sept.

Then Jay and I went to see Inception last night. It was awesome, such a good movie. I'm a little bit in love with Joseph Gordon Levitt.

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