Thursday, March 25, 2010

that trailer trash pedigree is calling, it rats you out when you're on all fours

Nate has been acting out at daycare a bit, he kicked another kid...twice...Part of me wants to believe that the other (older) kid did something to provoke it but getting a straight story out of a 3.5 year old is pretty much impossible so who knows.

Makes me feel guilty, like I'm failing as a parent.

On the other hand, he's 3.5 and a boy and he likes to play rough, and now finally has another boy his size to do that with.

Nate is also finally potty training he's wearing big boy underwear and doing a fantastic job with them. I'm looking very much forward to saving $60 a month.

Mom is coming down this weekend and we're going to the Home Show and then I think Jay and I are doing a movie Saturday night - should be a good weekend.

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