Tuesday, January 19, 2010

where there are no lines separating the truth from the lies

today is dumb. i took the kids downtown for their second round of flu-shots. then back to Kanata to drop them at daycare and now i'm back downtown at work and have an appointment at 2:30 so I have to leave about 2:00.

i will be at work for a grand total of 3 hours 1 of which is being spent on lunch aka, right now.

if the afternoon appointment wasn't also downtown i would not have bothered wasting gas etc.

i also have a headache.

in cheery news, actually i don't have any cheery news. i don't even have any vaguely humerous anecdotes.

well, it could always be worse.

have you donated money to the people of Haiti yet? i haven't. not that i think it's a bad idea. it's a great idea. just please don't post to Facebook that you did to ease your social conscience, or your ego for that matter. it bugs me. it bugs Jay too. and no i don't believe you when you say you are just trying to draw attention to the cause. we don't live under rocks. oh and "you" truly is not anyone specific.

i can tell my my rising level snarkiness that another round of zoloft may be in order. short order.

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